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Who is the Coaches Registry?

Founded in 2014, the mission of The Coaches Registry is to empower individuals with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and credentialing required to apply a coaching approach dedicated to enhancing performance in work and in life.

Why should I become a certified Professional Coach Advocate (PCA)?

There are many reasons to become a certified Professional Coach Advocate (PCA). If you appreciate how beneficial a coach is to her/his athletes, then you must appreciate the value of taking a coaching approach in work and life. Imagine the quality of life you and your loved ones will enjoy once empowered with these coaching skills. Our model, entitled "Mentorship Through Coaching!" includes valuable information and specific skills in 10 distinct areas of coachability. Once you have successfully completed the PCA training program, you will join select individuals and your name will be officially added to The Coaches Registry. You will then have the ultimate in education, motivation, and support, as you join other individuals on the online The PCA Network. The founders of The Coaches Registry believe that, soon, those on the registry will enjoy additional benefits from various employers and other organizations. In fact, we urge you to let others know as soon as you are certified — including your employer and/or any other organizations you are a part of.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] for Aspiring Participants

The Professional Coach Advocate (PCA) Certification Program includes the following:
  • half-day comprehensive workshop led by a registered pca instructor.
  • interactive program participation guide.
  • innovative personal coachability profile, the rating of perceived coachability (rpc).
  • official status as a certified pca on the coaches registry.
  • beautiful frame-ready certificate of completion and certification (downloadable).
  • one-year membership in the online pca network.
The cost for the Professional Coach Advocate Certification Program is affordable, and is determined by your PCA Instructor. This one-time fee includes everything mentioned above. After the first year, there is a nominal renewal fee. This fee covers your continued membership in the PCA Network and your certification renewal. Unlike some certifications that require you to take multiple-choice exams and repeat trainings every couple of years in order to re-certify, our model is based upon continuous improvement. By simply participating in The PCA Network on a regular basis, your certification will stay current!
Other than a sincere interest in your own personal enhanced performance in work and life and of those around you, no special requirements are necessary. However, in order to maintain your PCA after the first year, ongoing participation in The PCA Network is expected.
The Coaches Registry has a national network of individuals who are uniquely and exclusively qualified to administer the Professional Coach Advocate (PCA) Certification Program. Contact us and we will assist you in finding the best instructor for your specific needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] for Aspiring Instructors

MA PCA Instructor is an individual who has completed the Coaches Registry’s Instructor Training Program and is thereby qualified to deliver the Professional Coach Advocate (PCA) workshop and award our national certification, the Professional Coach Advocate (PCA). The PCA Instructor is truly a facilitator of a thoughtfully created curriculum. Therefore, no additional expertise is required.
There are many benefits of joining The Coaches Registry as a PCA Instructor. First, you will be added to the industry’s first and only national registry for professionals dedicated to delivering the PCA Certification Program. This will give you distinction among your colleagues and enhance your credibility among those you serve.
Second, PCA Instructors deliver the Professional Coach Advocate (PCA) Certification Program to participants, potentially generating revenue doing so. You can charge a participation fee for delivering the program to individuals and/or organizations. You can also offer the program as part of something bigger, such as a weekend retreat or group of wellness/life coaching sessions. For example, let’s say that you would like to offer the PCA Certification Program to an organization for 20 people. You begin by purchasing participant certification packets from The Coaches Registry for $25.00 each (includes the participation guide, workshop, certification process, and one-year membership in the PCA Network).
Next, you deliver the half-day training program to your group, charging a fee that you determine appropriate. For example, if you charge $79.99 per person (20 people total), you will generate just about $1,600.00!
Finally, through participation in the online PCA Network (explained below), you will have ongoing contact with those you’ve trained and certified, providing a platform for nurturing lifelong and sustained relationships.
Please note that this program does NOT certify you as a professional coach. Resources for becoming a certified professional coach are provided a the end of this guide.
First, attendees participate in the four-hour initial workshop, delivered by you. During this time, they utilize the proprietary Rating of Perceived Coachability (RPC) tool, and ultimately assess themselves (with your professional guidance) in ten dimensions of coachability.
Next, participants logon to the PCA Network, register, enter their RPC scores, and receive their PCA certification.
Finally, attendees participate in a number of engaging activities and enjoy dialogue (on our forum) with fellow PCA certified individuals (and instructors) on the PCA Network. They also are encouraged to review their RPC scores and, on a monthly basis, make any changes to them. Monthly self-paced participation in the PCA Network allows participants to keep their certification renewed year after year.
As you can see, the entire process is based upon a model of continuous improvement. It also utilizes an authentic self-assessment process. Additionally, the power of social media is realized through ongoing dialogue between certified individuals and their instructor.
Successful completion of the PCA Instructor Training Course.
PCA Instructors must be at least 18 years of age.
Monthly participation in the PCA Network.
The cost to become a PCA Instructor is very affordable and can often be recovered after conducting just one PCA certification course! This fee includes the following:
  • comprehensive training program (8 hours).
  • official status as a pca instructor on the coaches registry.
  • facilitators guide (includes everything required to facilitate the pca certification course).
  • pca participation guide and certification program.
  • two years membership in the online pca network.
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